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Friday, November 28, 2008

Exams are over!
Yea finally.......after a long 1st sem in uni..phew!
sorry for not updating....too busy to write hehe ... :)
anyway, have a great hol ahead! many exciting events coming up....learn as much as u can.
and when the new year comes, another adventurous journey awaits!

see ya!

mummy said dun talk to strangers! (random title haha)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Due to Miss Khoo Wei Ling's busy uni schedule and laziness to look after this stranded blog of hers, i will be kind enough to babysit it for just one day... so here i am, if you dunno who i am,'s for me to know, and for you to find out... :)

Pardon me for this is my first time blogging, so i can't think of anything to blog.... Miss Khoo Wei Ling said blog about anything but, "dun blog anything bad about me.".. haha... i just figured out what to blog about....

Wei Ling's quite old already leh... she's 20 this year.. haha... she always denies the fact that she's 20 already...... some truths are hard to accept, but still, dun we need to pluck up some courage to face the truth? yah!

one thing that remains a mystery is her love for kids... she adores them to the max!... she has the patience to teach them, to play with them, to talk to them (they talk gibberish).. aiyah oklah, enough about her.... my point is, she loves kids... especially cuter ones like me....

er, actually it's quite difficult to express thoughts in words hoh....haha... what is a blog for? (this is not meant to be an offensive or critical question.. it's a rhetorical question)

to air our views on life and stuff in life... a public journal... a platform to connect with friends on common topics, as in they will most probably be tagging about your posts right? to purposely allow people to know your life story... to vent frustration and anger......

so random.... i'm getting sleepy, quite difficult to continue.... to those who update blogs frequently, i take my hats off you... you are really "something" to have the ability to generate ideas into appropriate words that interest people... *clap clap*... hehe

okok i'll end here... it's getting tougher and tougher....

till we meet again...

anonymous blog reader


Friday, August 8, 2008

Many things have been coming my way...and sometimes i just find it so difficult to 'absorb and digest'. It's as if they brush me pass and left their dirt behind, waiting for me to clean the mess up.

I wondered why did God ever give me (or you) challenges?

I saw it as problems before but someone corrected me and said, "God never give us problems. He gives us challenges." I guess all these will one day contribute to the moulding of one's character. If so, how different will I be then?

Starting a new phase in life was tough. Even before going to uni and starting classes, challenges came by in just a snap! I couldn't take it and was totally stressed up + moody...I just didn't feel like starting uni at all. Plus, theory exam is just round the corner...and i'm quite bad at it still. Just to think of all these make me so scared.... so scared if i'll ever pull through.

But God was gracious. He made a way for me even in the tougest of times. He was there. He was faithful. And even till now, i still believe He's there. He never left. I just hope that one day, i'll be able to look back and praise Him for the things He'd done in all that i went through.

Well, somehow i figured out why i went through and is still going through times like these....bcos i asked Him to mould me. I asked Him to give me opportunities to exercise my faith.

Oh well............... :)

<3 Love?

Monday, July 21, 2008

When u begin to like someone of the opposite sex, it'll normally be purely an emotional feeling. Ur eyes wanna see THE person and ur ears wanna hear THAT person's voice. You just wanna be around THAT person...but when u don't get all these, u start to MISS that person.

Many relationships now just stop at this level, which is a very very sad fact because......

Love is more than just feelings
Love requires much sacrifice
Love takes the place of pride
Love protects, the body and heart
Love shares everything, the burdens and joy
Love is being honest and truthful
Love does not doubt
Love forgives even the toughest of matters

Love is a commitment.

Do the rough times in relationships make love stronger? or weaker?
i hope it's not the latter...
by the way, i'm referring to guy grl relationships.... :)


Friday, July 11, 2008

There are many theories as to where demons originate from....

Some say they are fallen angels.
This is the most commonly taught theory and i assume they are these.

However, some say they are the offsprings of the sons of God(angels) and daughters of men, who produced giants. These giants are called nephilim and had abnormal bodies. Some have 6 fingers!

Where do YOU think they originate from?
[this will be 1 of the many questions i would like to ask God when i see Him ;) ]

College DAy

Friday, July 4, 2008

Mrs Loi (my chem tutor)

Alan :)

Cute Mr Fong(my form tutor + physics tutor)

Cheryl (OG mate) and Windri (indonesian)

show u something

Sunday, June 29, 2008

  • Mummy and I were at home on this rainy sunday
  • She took my sunglasses
  • she wore it
  • "give me! i wanna wear too.."
  • I wore it
  • TADA!!!! TADAA!!
  • her curlers were on....made her look extremely odd! haha!